Unlike other handyman services, I am upfront about the cost. No searching around sites or sending emails. For your convenience it is posted right here. And I am the most competitive with regard to rate, experience, and quality.

I have set prices for certain items (see pricing below). But as a general rule, I charge a flat rate of $60 per hour for all miscellaneous services (like Honey-do lists etc.) with a 1-hour minimum. That means if your project takes 1-¼ hours, the charges will reflect this ($75). If you combine services it will reduce the overall price of your projects by up to 20%-25%.

I do not charge for drive time or mark up materials. I have found “time+materials” to be the most fair way to bill for my services. This promotes mutual respect and long-term loyalty in the working relationship. If you require rush service and need me to start a project after normal business hours (after 5 or on Saturday) my after-hours rate is $90.00 per hour.

To help give you an idea of potential costs, I have listed some general time estimates for your convenience. Please keep in mind these are meant to be ‘guesstimations’ not guarantees. There is also a list of my set prices for certain items. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

1-2 hours: change thermostat, fix leaky pipe, hang pictures
2-3 hours: hang shelves, repair drywall
3-4 hours: hang door, repair wood, replace window
4+ hours: repair wall and paint, add heating & air register, wiring for home theater

Install Garbage Disposal: $150
Hang Fan (standard height): $100
Hang Fan (2nd story): $250
Install Hall Light: $65
Hang Dining Room Chandelier: $100
Hang Foyer Chandelier (2nd story): $350
Hang TV (includes power & 1 HDMI cable): $300
Change Toilet Flush Valve: $75
Reset Toilet Tank: $90
Install Toilet: $150
Install Kitchen Faucet: $150
Install Bathroom Faucet: $90
Install Kitchen Sink: $250-$300 (depending all components: garbage disposal, single or double, faucet etc.)

*Set pricing includes incidental materials, but does not include large items like actual lights, fans, tv’s, toilets, sink, disposal, etc.