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DIY is all the rage. Entire tv channels are dedicated to it, weekend radio shows take calls all day about it, and Home Depot thrives on it (their motto is even “You can do it. We can help.”). Everyone wants to save money. Unfortunately, so many times do-it-yourself is not as easy as promised. But Superhandyman Services is here to let you know a basic energy audit is something you can actually do.

Check attic Insulation atlanta ga

Follow these simple instructions and within minutes you will immediately get $200 off your project–and even learn how to get your project FREE! Because Superhandyman Services rates are in line with industry standards and our discounts are unmatched, the savings is real. First, download our $100 Coupon here. Second, fill out the form below and get another $100 OFF your project total.

Filling out the form below will help you determine what you need and how much it will cost. It is a basic energy audit. Plus, this self-test is also the basis of how we estimate. This spares us the need to drive out and do what you’ve already done, in gratitude, we pass that savings on to you.check-insulation-level-attic-depth-atlanta-ga

That’s why Superhandyman Services $100 off for following these easy steps, submitting the form below, and requesting the work be done.

Step 1: Determine the level of insulation you need. This is easy. Peek your head into the attic. Don’t worry, there aren’t any monsters up there. Plus, this will only take 5 minutes, but will save you $100. Line up a ruler against any one of the trusses and push it down until it hits the drywall. Take note of how many inches of insulation you have. That’s it! You’re done in the attic.

Step 2: Walk around your house and count the number of ceiling openings you have directly below the attic–fans, lights, vents, fire alarms, etc. Sealing Electrical Boxes Insulation Atanta GAWe like to seal these with foam insulation to prevent air seepage and energy waste. If you don’t want this done, skip this step.

Step 3: If your HVAC system is in the attic, simply decide if you also want the supply and return boxes sealed with duct sealant to prevent air seepage and energy waste. If not, skip this step.

*Please call 770-667-6488 if you need any help with this process. We are happy to answer questions and walk you through this process.Sealing HVAC Plenum Return Insulation Atanta GA

There are 3 things you need to know before you begin this form:

1) The recommended total R-Value for our region is R-38
2) You must fill out this entire form completely and then all calculations will be made at the very end
3) The self-estimate discount is only valid on project totals over $700